24-Hour Emergency Response Services

Emergency (877) 421-1744

When the unexpected happens, highly skilled members of Summit’s Emergency Response Team are on call around the clock for immediate response to any hazardous material emergency.


  • Chemical & fuel containment, confinement & recovery
  • Confined space entry & rescue
  • Fire suppression assistance
  • On-site chemical neutralization
  • On-site water treatment
  • Complete site remediation and restoration


Summit’s Response Team is experienced in handling a broad range of hazardous

  • Flammable/combustible materials
  • Corrosives
  • Explosives
  • Oxidizing agents
  • Poisonous (toxic) substances
  • Compressed gasses
  • Biohazards


All team members are experienced in responding to hazardous material incidents, such as:

  • Road spills (tanker rollovers, product off-loading, tapping & transfers)

  • Train derailments (general service car transferring & repairs, high-pressure car repairs & flaring)
  • Industrial releases (leaking drums, pipeline failure)
  • Inland waterway product containment & recovery (OSRO contractor)
  • Industrial fire support (selective demo, run off water collection & treatment)
  • Subgrade fire characterization & support (hot spot locating & excavation, run off water collection & treatment)

Increase preparedness, reduce likelihood of reportable discharge and limit liability

Emergency Work

Train Derailment

Pipeline Release

Sulfuric Acid Road Spill

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