Boynton, OK Sludge Pond & Tar Pit Stabilization

Project Description

  • Remediation of 47,500 cubic yards of petroleum impacted sludge and acidic tar
    • Dewatering of two sludge ponds and the treatment of water to meet all state regulations prior to discharge
    • Sludge is mixed with Portland cement to solidify prior to mixing with acidic tar, during mixing additional Portland cement is incorporated for additional solidification and pH increase
    • Utilization of custom equipment to manage sludge material including dozer equipped with fabricated pipe squeegees and hydraulic excavators equipped with mixing implements
    • All work performed in tar pit is completed in Level B PPE and operators work on supplied air
  • Air monitoring around exclusion zones for offgassing of H2S and SO2
  • Complete site restoration

Project Details

  • Location: Boynton, OK

Project Gallery

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