Project Description

Confined Space Rescue

Project Description

Summit provides rescue standby for our tank cleaning crews, mechanical contractors, inspectors and other client personnel.

  • All of our crews are confined space rescue certified and trained annually.
  • Crew Certificates (Entry/Rescue, First Aid/CPR, Respirator Fit Tests, API TES, etc.) are provided to client and are kept onsite with the rescue supervisor.
  • Summit’s rescue team is also evaluated annually by a third party, while performing a mock rescue.

Confined Space Rescue Equipment includes

  • Tripod/Winch Rescue System
  • 4:1 Belay Rescue System
  • Rescue Rope
  • SKED Stretcher/ Backboard
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA’s) with 5 Minute Escape Packs
  • Body Harnesses
  • First Aid Kits

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