East Chicago, IN Lead and Arsenic Stabilization

Project Description

  • Excavated , Loaded, Placed and Treated 70,000 cubic yards of lead and arsenic impacted soil
  • Lead levels exceeded 300 ppm TCLP
  • Treated all soils to non-hazardous levels
  • Treated 10,000 cubic yards of highly impacted lead soil in-situ
  • Placed treated soil in an 11 acre landfill cell
  • Placed approximately 20,000 cubic yards of low permeable clay as a temporary cap
  • Restored 10+ acres of native dune warm season grasses
  • Hydroseeded 11 acre cap (self-performed)

Project Details

  • Date: Summer 2015
  • Client: Chemours
  • Location: East Chicago, IN

Project Gallery

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