Project Description

Sulfuric Acid Road Spill

Project Description

Tractor-trailer collision – 1 carrying 92% sulfuric acid, 1 carrying unpressurized aerosol cans. Contaminated section of highway, adjacent soil and ditch.

  • Decontamination:    Applied a soda ash/water solution to tanker and granular soda ash to pavement, then rinsed with high-pressure water while simultaneously collecting rinse water with vac-truck.  Utilized a skid steer to collect aerosol cans, those suspect of contamination were staged offsite for waste characterization.
  • Remediation:    Excavated contaminated soil into segregated piles.  Mixed aggregate lime with contaminated soil and ditch water to neutralize the pH.  Combined contaminated water with sawdust, excavated solid waste.
  • Site restoration:    Replaced all contaminated soil with clean topsoil.
  • Waste disposal:    Total of 251 tons of neutralized soil and 450 gallons of liquid waste were removed from site and disposed at licensed waste disposal facility.

Project Details

  • Date: Summer 2015

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